Cardone University is the #1 Business Training Platform

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Cardone University is the #1 Business Training Platform in the World

It offers Grant Cardone’s most extensive sales training curriculum on the web today. With over 8000+ Segments of fully interactive video content, Cardone University is the one thing you can’t afford NOT to have. With Grant Cardone as your personal sales coach 24/7 and the full support of the Cardone Team, you can finally reach your potential. Professionals at the top of their game train every day… and their paychecks reflect that. Are you ready to become a REAL pro?

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■ Train yourself and/or your team to become highly skilled in sales and marketing

■ The #1 Business Training Platform in the World
■ Over 800 video courses with topics including: cold calling, follow-up, overcoming
objections, closing, negotiating, getting attention in the market and much more
■ 24/7 Unlimited Access
■ In-House Coaching Team
■ Access our pros to help your company one-on-one tackle the challenges of this new
■ Accessible from phones, tablets, and desktop computers. Designed for your
convenience in mind
■ Trusted Training by some of the largest companies in the world

■ Online training platform located at www.CardoneUniversity.com where users are able
to access the program

WHY should your buy or use Cardone University?
■ It’s proven with over 1 billion lessons taken and over 400,000 active users
■ Massive companies use Cardone U
■ Ashley Furniture, Allstate, Microsoft, Audible, BMW, Twitter, Google, Chrysler,
Facebook, Ford, Honda, Salesforce, US Army and much more

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