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Robert Clements, Co-Founder

Rob Clements is a successful entrepreneur and professional with over 25 years of experience in technology, finance, and business. Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, Rob is a proud father of two daughters.

Rob attended Cross Keys High School and Forsyth County High School before joining the US Navy in 1985. During his eight-year tenure, he earned the rank of E5 with the rate Fire Controlman and ESWS, with over 5 years of sea duty on four ships. Rob was also trained with the USMC Force Recon for Ship Self Defense Force certification, which demonstrates his ability to work in high-pressure situations.

After leaving the Navy in 1993, Rob pursued his academic interests and attended Southern Poly Tech, Kennesaw University, and North Metro Technical College. He received an AAS in CIS with a focus on networking, which laid the foundation for his successful career in technology.

Rob’s technical knowledge and business acumen proved to be invaluable in his career as a System/Network Engineer since 1999. He holds a Microsoft MCSE for Server 2003 and MCSA-Exchange 2003, which he earned in 2003.

In addition to his technical expertise, Rob has a passion for finance and has passed and held a State of SC Life and Health Insurance License in 1988.  He worked as a stockbroker for Primerica before launching his own ventures after passing the Series 7 exam in 1988.

Rob is the founder and CEO of rwcii consulting LLC dba as Tech-Ache Solutions & Consulting, which provides technical and consulting services to clients in various industries. He also created Sailor Sludge Holding LLC dba SailorSludgeCoffee.com, a successful coffee company that has gained a following for its high-quality coffee and creative branding.

Rob is also the founder of entrepreneur to CEO (e2CEO), a platform that helps entrepreneurs grow their businesses and achieve their goals. In 2021, Rob became a Grant Cardone Licensee, and in 2023, he earned his certification as a 10X Business Coach. These certifications reflect his dedication to personal and professional growth and his desire to help others achieve success.

Rob’s commitment to excellence, attention to detail, and ability to work under pressure have made him a sought-after professional in various industries. He is a true leader who inspires others to reach their full potential.

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