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Robert Clements, Founder & Director of New Business Development

Robert W. Clements II, a paragon of leadership and ingenuity, is a prominent figure in the Metro Atlanta business community, celebrated for his transformative contributions across technology, finance, and entrepreneurship. With a career that spans over two and a half decades, Clements has not just pioneered innovative technical solutions but has also laid the groundwork for influential business strategies and community-oriented projects.

At the helm of Tech-Ache Solutions & Consulting, Clements harnessed his vast technological knowledge to propel business growth, adeptly translating complex technical concepts into strategic assets for business success. His commitment to driving digital transformation has helped numerous companies achieve competitive superiority in the digital age.

Clements’ entrepreneurial journey further flourished with the establishment of e2CEO, a platform dedicated to guiding entrepreneurs through the intricacies of business development and scalability. His role as a Grant Cardone Certified 10X Business Coach in 2023 underlines his significant influence on nurturing the entrepreneurial talents of tomorrow.

Beyond his business savvy, Clements is deeply rooted in community service, actively participating in the Sawnee Cumming Optimist Club and contributing his expertise to technical education advisory boards. His involvement with Chattahoochee Technical College and Dalton State Technical College’s STEM Advisory Board demonstrates his dedication to fostering technical education and workforce readiness for future challenges.

His distinguished military service as a Firecontrolman Second Class “FC2 (SW)” E-5 in the United States Navy imbued him with a resilience and discipline that have been integral to his civilian leadership roles. Clements’ diverse experiences, including pivotal roles at Hughes Missile Systems Company, the Naval Surface Warfare Center alongside NASA, and service with the Royal Saudi Navy, have honed his expertise in navigating high-pressure scenarios. This, combined with his USMC Force Recon training for Ship Self Defense Force certification, showcases his mastery over critical situation management.

Clements’ career is also marked by his significant contributions to renowned organizations such as HP, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), CNN, University of South Carolina, and the Atlanta History Center. His strategic vision and leadership at HP were pivotal in ensuring global internet access, reflecting his ability to manage large-scale network infrastructures. At the CDC, he was instrumental in the Exchange Migration project, affecting over 22,000 users and reinforcing the agency’s communication backbone essential for public health initiatives.

During his tenure as a Senior Systems Engineer at the University of South Carolina (USC), Robert W. Clements II orchestrated a pivotal IT infrastructure overhaul, transitioning over 88,000 users from Novell/GroupWise to Active Directory/Exchange. This transformation streamlined USC’s communication and data management, significantly enhancing the university’s operational efficiency and collaborative capabilities. Clements’s strategic foresight and technical mastery not only modernized USC’s IT landscape but also reinforced its position as a leader in digital education and administration, reflecting his profound influence on integrating technology with educational excellence.

His tenure at CNN as a Sr. Systems Engineer supported the network’s critical Active Directory and Exchange environments, ensuring operational reliability in a rapidly evolving media landscape. At the Atlanta History Center, as Manager of Information Systems, Clements led a comprehensive IT overhaul, enhancing the center’s operational efficiency and public outreach, bridging Atlanta’s rich history with the digital future.

Robert W. Clements II’s illustrious career encapsulates a leadership style that harmonizes technical expertise with a strong sense of social responsibility. Through his diverse experiences, including significant technological deployments and elite military training, Clements has developed a strategic and principled approach to leadership that is innovative and grounded in service. His legacy is a testament to the synergy of technology, business innovation, and community engagement, making him a luminary figure in Metro Atlanta and beyond.

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