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10X Entrepreneur’s Edge – Subscription

e2CEO v2 / 10X Life Changing Package

Unlock your entrepreneurial potential with “10X Entrepreneur’s Edge,” led by Grant Cardone 10X Certified Business Coach Rob Clements.

This all-encompassing program offers solo and small business owners a powerful blend of workshops, bootcamps, and resources designed to supercharge your marketing, sales, and business strategies.

Featuring courses like “How to Make Millions in Business” and “Secrets to Closing the Sale,” alongside monthly reviews, coaching, and accountability calls, it’s your gateway to mastering business growth and sales excellence.

Benefit from dedicated support, interactive goal-setting, and exclusive community groups, all for $2,497 a month or a one-time payment of $19,997.

Elevate your business to new heights with Cardone’s proven 10X Methods.

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Introducing the “10X Entrepreneur’s Edge,” the ultimate 52 Week Transformation Program meticulously crafted for the ambitious solo or small business owner.

Spearheaded by Grant Cardone 10X Certified Business Coach Rob Clements, this comprehensive suite of workshops, bootcamps, and exclusive resources is designed to radically elevate your business and sales prowess to unprecedented levels. At the heart of this program is a potent mix of the “10X Marketing Execution Workshop,” “10X Sales Execution Workshop,” and the pivotal “10X Business Bootcamp,” each engineered to dissect and enhance every facet of your entrepreneurial journey.

Embark on a path to mastering the art of sales with Grant Cardone’s flagship courses, including “How to Make Millions in Business,” “How to Make Millions on The Phone,” “Tired of Missing Sales,” and “Top 7 Sales Secrets.” Each course is a treasure trove of insights, revealing the secrets to overcoming objections, closing deals with precision, and navigating sales pitfalls with the “Grant Cardone Rebuttal Manual” and “The Closer’s Survival Guide.”

But that’s just the beginning. Delve into the strategic depths of “20 Rules of Closing a Deal,” “10 Mistakes That Kill Your Deals,” and “10 Biggest Follow-Up Mistakes,” alongside actionable strategies for “How to Fill a Pipeline with Cold Prospecting.” The “10X Entrepreneur’s Edge” isn’t just about sales; it’s a holistic ecosystem fostering growth through “Monthly CIO Reviews,” dedicated senior systems engineering support, and empowering weekly and monthly calls that include mindset shifts, coaching, and accountability.

Your journey is further enriched with the “GoHighLevel Intro,” access to vibrant Facebook & WhatsApp accountability groups, and a thorough “Individual or Sole Business Assessment.” The program also offers an interactive platform for setting goals, strategizing, and task management, ensuring a tailored, results-oriented experience.

Priced at $2,497 a month or a single pay option of $19,997, with additional offerings like “Cardone U” for $997 for 12 months, and “GoHighLevel Access” starting at $197 a month, the “10X Entrepreneur’s Edge” is not just an investment in your business—it’s an investment in a 10X Future.

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