e2CEO v2 / 10X Solo Trade – Solopreneur Package

e2CEO v2 / 10X Life Changing Package

Solo Trade – Solopreneur Package: Elevate your solo trade business with the comprehensive Solo Trade – Solopreneur package. Designed specifically for tradespeople, this package offers full access to GoHighLevel’s robust DIY tools to automate and streamline your business operations. Manage up to 2,500 CRM contacts and maintain professionalism with a dedicated business phone number.

Enhance your sales skills with Grant Cardone’s exclusive training modules and a custom sales script tailored to your trade. Kickstart your marketing efforts with our starter content pack. Choose from monthly group calls for community learning or opt for personalized growth with monthly one-on-one calls.

Available for $497 per month or $4997 per year, with an option for more intensive support at $997 per month or $9997 per year.

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Solo Trade – Solopreneur Package

Core Features:

  • GoHighLevel DIY Access: Gain full access to GoHighLevel’s suite of tools designed to automate and streamline your business processes. This access allows you to manage your customer relationships, marketing campaigns, and much more on your own.
  • 1 User/2,500 CRM Contacts: Manage up to 2,500 contacts within the CRM. This is ideal for solopreneurs who are building or already have a substantial customer base.
  • Dedicated Phone Number: Receive a dedicated business phone number to maintain a professional appearance and separate personal and business communications.
  • Unlimited GoHighLevel DIY Features: Utilize unlimited features within the GoHighLevel platform, including email marketing, SMS marketing, funnels, and automation workflows, allowing you to fully customize your business operations without additional costs.

Sales and Business Growth Tools:

  • Customer Sales Script: Receive a professionally crafted sales script tailored to your business, helping you effectively communicate your value proposition and close more deals.
  • Starter Content Pack: Kickstart your marketing with a starter pack of content, which includes templates for emails, social media posts, and blog articles.
  • Grant Cardone’s Make Millions on the Phone: Get exclusive access to Grant Cardone’s training module focused on maximizing sales and customer engagement over the phone.
  • Grant Cardone’s Make Millions in Business: Learn directly from Grant Cardone with strategies and insights on scaling your business to the million-dollar level.

Support and Learning:

  • Monthly Group Calls: Join monthly group coaching calls at a rate of $497 per month or $4997 per year. These calls are designed to provide ongoing support, share new strategies, and allow networking with other solopreneurs.
  • Monthly 1-on-1 Calls: Opt for personalized guidance with monthly one-on-one coaching calls at a rate of $997 per month or $9997 per year. These sessions offer tailored advice and direct feedback to address specific challenges and accelerate your business growth.


  • Group Support Option: $497 per month or $4997 per year.
  • One-on-One Support Option: $997 per month or $9997 per year.

This comprehensive package is designed to equip solopreneurs with the tools, knowledge, and support needed to effectively manage and grow their business in a competitive market.

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